The Lord speaks:

The Bible say’s that, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” in Amos 3:7. Here are few important things which the Lord spoke to me concerning Our Nation and our World which is about to happen in days to come.

For the Nation of India:

  • Many Sadhu’s or Saints will receive salvation and they will do ministry for the Lord all over India, which happens to be a time of Revival in India.
  • Many Gentile people will start sharing their own religious Gospel in our nation so that they have men on their side.
  • There shall be Earthquakes happening in places where people worship mortal men as God. The city of Rajasthan is one among those places.
  • Rajnikanth will come into Politics.
  • The paper money in India will be replaced with plastic money.
  • Our government will soon give free Gas cylinders to senior citizens.
  • The Financial status of India will soon come up due to the abundance of minerals found in India.
  • India will set a standard in athletics sports.
  • India will also place itself on high place in terms of Electronics market. There shall also be changes in the Economic conditions of India.
  • People will grow restless and they would also involve themselves in fights against each other, Cloud of darkness shall cover the earth but those who believe the lord shall be encircled by his Grace.
  • Our nation will also become one of the superpowers in days to come.

For the Nations of World :

  1. There is revival coming upon the land of Arabs for the Lord opens the doors for Gospel which cannot be shut by anyone. Many of them as a family they declare themselves as Christians and accept Christ in their life. The secret Christians will come our to the lights from their days of exile. There shall also be confusions and struggle among the people.
  2. There is an economic depression which will strike the Nation of America as they lost themselves into the world from seeking the lord. God is slowly and steadily taking away his hand of Grace from the Nation of America.
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